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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  May 17, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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public. also released images from inside a 7-eleven. these are the last images of the 17-year-old alive. an autopsy finding also made public today, shows trayvon martin had evidence of marijuana in his blood and his urine. as you know, george zimmerman pled not guilty to martin's killing, claiming he did it in self-defense. >> now, we have an update as well on the sentence to former d.c. council member, harry thomas jr. bruce johnson learned that thomas will serve his time in the federal prison camp in montgomery, alabama. the former ward 5 council member will have to report there june 20 and spend 38 months, a couple months more than three years behind bars for stealing more than $350,000 that had been meant to go to city youth sports programs. tonight, a new chapter in our federal bonus investigation finds more top payouts and some pretty amazing qualifications. one, credited with helping
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track americas enemy number one. here is russ with the link to osama bin laden. >> we have been looking for answers as to how these federal workers earn bonuses as high as $63,000 a piece and now we have them, starting with the assassination of osama bin laden. computer geeks in a top secret operation were building models of osama bin laden's compound using satellite images and other nontraditional data long before navy seals moved in, shooting and killing the master mind of al-qaeda. >> astonishing. >> that's how this spokeswoman describes bonus winners and the man behind what's called intelligence. he was one of the 54 federal workers awarded a 35% pay bonus for service. >> that enabled us to pinpoint, find, and conduct the raid on osama bin laden. which is rather amazing. >> others say the case
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developed nuclear and biological sensors for soldier backpacks and vehicles and mattresses safer from fire. >> these award winners included, for example, nobel prize winners. >> we have a list of all 54 award winners and a reason as to why they received those bonuses. no administration officials will comment on the record, but a white house source confirmed the osama bin laden account and much of the other details. i'm investigative reporter, 9news now. a new chapter in our federal bonus investigation finds more top payouts from our investigative reporter. right place, right time, right man for the job. right now, we are -- a good samaritan chased down a suspected purse thief at wal- mart in culpeper. that suspect ran a woman's purse and ran out of the store. then came bystander number three. his name is howard.
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he's the father of five, a navy vet. oh yeah, let's not forget he's a try carat triathalete. >> i said, should i go? she said yeah, you're a good runner. i took off down the sidewalk. >> before long, he passed those other two good samaritans and finally he caught up with the suspect, grabbed him, put him in an arm lock. police later arrested 23-year- old kelly lee minor. tomorrow, leaders from the world's 8 largest economies will join president obama at camp david in maryland for the g8 summit. the state of maryland and frederick county are working in overdrive to keep the event safe and orderly. warned business expect inconveniences, some heavy traffic, and of course some protesters. >> i heard rumor, not confirmed, but we'll see groups or segments of groups from denver out on the west coast, there are going to be some
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activists from europe. >> granted a permit to hold a rally in baker park in downtown and invited the occupiers to join in from all across the country. it's a protest called the g99% summit. another group occupy baltimore, planning to hold a sidewalk vigil just a few miles away from camp david. represents frederick county is seeking federal help to cover the cost of that g8 summit. sent a letter to president obama asking that the summit be designated a special security event, end of quote. that would allow local law enforcement and emergency agencies to be reimbursed. as of now, frederick county will not get any federal money. maryland senators also filed requests earlier this week. you just can't complain about weather like this, can you, top? temperatures in the 70s, no humidity. i'm hoping it will last all weekend. >> for the most part, it will
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last all week. i can give you tomorrow, no problem. we'll get it to last through the weekend. let's start with temperatures because it's still in the 70s in most spots. it's a dry air mass. when the sunsets, it will fall quickly. 73 downtown. 70 in gaithersburg and in frederick and leesburg and 70 up in hagerstown. warmer to the south, 74 in fredericksburg. a nice night for baseball, i tell yo what. we are hosting the pirates. we are looking at clear skies, mid 70s to start. pretty nice. check it out. let's talk about tonight for us. clear skies, chilly, i think it's a one blanket night. mid 40s in the suburbs and mid 50s downtown. we'll come back, derek, still a little bit concerned with saturday night and sunday. we'll explain with a full forecast. >> all right, we want to hear what those concerns are all about. now, a heads up for drivers on the inner loop. some delays tonight. starting at 9:30, vdot will shut down completely, i-495 north right at i-f 6. that is
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so the crews can work on paving those express lanes. traffic on the inner loop will detour on to 66 west and get back on the beltway. lanes will reopen by 5:00 a.m. drivers aught to expect the same closure friday and saturday night as well. and metro riders on the orange line expect some big delays over the weekend. the ever present track work will be going on. tomorrow night at 10:00 until closing on sunday, in trains running between the east falls church and west falls church stations. it will be some shuttle buses between the two stops and riders should allow an extra 20 minutes for their trips. the tributes continue to pour in for the late chuck brown. coming up, we talk to the men who helped d.c. music legend, go-go. but first, a second grader in colorado tries to honor an african american icon, but instead, gets a hard lesson in race relations. we'll talk about this one.
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stay with us.
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all in state students at virginia tech will see their tuition go up next year. the university board of visitors approved a 3.9% hike for tuition and fees and that means students will have to shell out close to $11,000 a year to go to virginia tech. that increase, governor bob
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mcdonald had requested, he wanted state schools to keep state tuition under 8%. a project sparked racism. the kid's name is shawn king and he had been assigned to dress up like martin luther king, so as you might see there, the second grader put on a black suit and a fake mustache and some dark face paint. members of the faculty and students complained about it. the principal told shawn to wash his face. the 8-year-old said no. he was sent home. >> i worked very hard. i tried my best. i don't want to be mean to them. it's just a costume. i don't want to insult anybody. >> a spokeswoman for the school district said the teacher gave no guidelines for the project, however, wearing face paint is against school policy. administrators told shawn he can come back to school and no punishment. love to have an e-mail or two on this one. what do you think? the weather keeps on getting better as the week goes
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on, topper says the trend will likely continue over the weekend. however, he has some concerns for that weekend as well. hear what those are in the full forecast. but first, a day after losing the godfather of go-go, music fans mourn the let's of yet another legend. the queen of disco, donna summer is gone. [ male announcer ] get to subway® for the new smokehouse bbq chicken. a smokin' new $6 footlong™ special! slow cooked chicken in tangy, sweet bbq sauce
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♪[ music ] the scene is right outside our front door here at broadcast house. 9news now at 5:00 and 6:00, backyard band giving a tribute performance to the late great chuck brown. the godfather of go-go died yesterday after a bout with pneumonia. brown led the musical movement that evolved into d.c.'s own. and matt jablow met with the guys who helped brown create the mix of hip hop and r and b. >> to his many fans, chuck brown was the man who wound him up over the years at venues like the howard theater. many of the people who worked with chuck over the years, he
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provided wisdom, inspiration, and guidance. as we have been hearing a lot over the past 24 hours, chuck brown, known to generations of washington music financials as the godfather of go-go. >> he was the nicest guy you could meet. >> one day after chuck's death, a will the of people are remembering the godfather more as a father figure. >> he got people off the streets working for him, playing with him. >> chuck's long time piano player. chuck taught him about living a good life as he did about playing good music. >> i learned a lot of things from him, you know, what things you should do and things not to do. that's what i'll miss the most. chuck tells a similar story. >> i owe a lot to him. >> a native washingtonen, thompson was 16 when he first met chuck brown. >> he was a great man.
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chuck brown was my introduction into the music business. thompson went on to play in chuck's band, and produced chuck's grammy nominated album. >> one of the easiest people to work in the studio. thompson says he'll always remember chuck as an incredible performer, but also an unbelievable friend and a remarkably devoted family. >> great father, grandfather, and loving husband. you know, he loved his family. he couldn't wait to get off stage and get home. so it was always good with him. always. chuck brown was scheduled to perform here at the howard theater on june 29. matt jablow, 9news now. >> if you were ever lucky enough to meet chuck, you know he treated you like a long lost brother. you can see more on the life and legacy of chuck brown.
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just search chuck brown right at the top of our home page. ♪ [ music ] >> tonight, a lot of folks from the disco generation dusting off their old donna summer albums. she had been battling cancer, she was 63. donna summer's big hits were part of the sound track of the 70s and 80s. last dance, she works hard for the money, so many songs. today, her long time friend said it is a disgrace for donna summer has been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. a virginia tech student is doing some research on tornadoes that has the experts rethinking a long held belief. these experts believe tornadoes break up and weaken as they hit mountain ridge, but katherine doesn't buy it. her research says tornadoes become long and tight as they drop down a mountainside. they spin faster and get
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meaner. >> the biggest goal of my research was to combat that whole complacency issue of the tornadoes don't happen in mountains. my research shows that it can and it does. >> okay. about 20 other virginia tech students now on a month long storm chasing expedition, i wish them luck and safety while they are out there. top, what do you think about that research? >> '98, it was almost an f4. we know they are occur. it's not favorable, but it can happen. >> her idea of it going down and tighten up. >> that makes sense. you know, it's a 32 year anniversary tomorrow of mt. st. helen's eruption. you can go to our weather page to and get the same link. it was sent to us from nasa. it shows the regrowth of the force of the volcano. pretty cool stuff. looking at clear skies. it is gorgeous. high was 77. we're down to 73. dew points in the low 40s.
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that means it's a dry air mass and it's going to get chilly when the sun goes down. the winds light, east, northeast at 8. pressure up a little bit. 30.07 inches of mercury. temperatures are still very nice. 70 in bethesda. 74 in rockville. 68 in gaithersburg and 68 in leesburg. so, you mention this earlier, dry air masses can heat up quickly and cool off more quickly. 71 in springfield and in arlington. 74 in college park and 74 also in beltsville. so, here's the deal. nice stretch mainly. a chilly tonight, grab a slight jacket for tomorrow morning. certainly need sunglasses tomorrow and i'm worried about clouds on saturday and now i'm worried about clouds late saturday into sunday. we'll keep you posted. we have guidance right now. some say fine, some say clouds and showers, we'll keep you posted. tonight, clear skies and chilly. one blanket night. why not? 46 to 56 for lows.
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winds light. now by morning, sunny, pleasant with a cool start. that's when you'll need your light jacket. not as breezy tomorrow morning as it was today. temperatures start in the 40s and 50s. by afternoon, sunny and spectacular. high temperatures around 75 and winds still easterly at about 10. we'll break it down for you. 47 to 57 in the morning. nice by noon. low 60s to low 70s and great by the evening. 72 to about 76 degrees. next three days, okay. now i don't know what to do. next three days, pleasant on saturday for the preakness. there could be clouds. it will be dry for the running certainly, we can guarantee that. we are thinking sunday is going to be great unless that storm system gets stronger. we'll keep you posted. next seven days, monday we are talking about a shower and tuesday showers and maybe a thunderstorm. temperatures hovering upper 70s to around 80 and nice, really nice next wednesday and really nice next thursday.
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so not to panic yet, derek, but a word of caution. we may be tweaking saturday and sunday. >> we will look to see tomorrow, sir, how much tweakage. >> let us get to our weird news file. when is ball park junk food not junk food at all? answer, when it runs you $1500. to little rock, arkansas, where they have the world's most expensive hot dog. doesn't look like a big deal, but it's made from a quarter pound of premium beef, topped with lobster tail and real flakes of gold? oh yeah. now you wouldn't think these would be flying off the shelves, would you? but the vender managed to sell four of them. that's $6,000 and it went to help the homeless. some said can we get one of those dogs? i get a condo. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag.
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the address, 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, the loss of d.c. music legend, chuck brown. a good friend says he wasn't exactly a go-go fan, but when i listen to your dedication to his memory, i have to say that
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his music made me smile. i did a chair dance in his honor. he was a genuine talent and will be missed, especially during these days when there isn't much to smile about. thank you, that is one of the best tributes i have heard. and al vira. chuck is now jamming in heaven. he was loved here in the area. chuck's music had everyone dancing. he was a legend. he will never be forgotten. and listen to jeanette who says she grew up with the godfather of go-go. i was a go-go head and in the 80s, he was a father to a lot of us born and raised in washington, d.c. rest in peace, chuck, you will be missed. and finally, this response to a couple of 9news viewers who were on the question of whether or not the soon to be implemented maryland tax hike would convince them to move to virginia. they said maryland would take all their money before they would consider a move across the river to the gop dominated commonwealth. i said the feeling might well
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be mutual and robert says sure you're right. rest assured the feeling is quite mutual. i applaud them for being the first liberals instead of moving some place and ruining it for whomever was living there. virginia remained as conservative as they think it is, but more mobile friends have already made that impossible. yeah, you could argue virginia's more purple than red these days and alexandria is known to house a liberal or three. we would take an e-mail or three from anybody. ideology is not a concern. and that is our report. i'll be right back here at 11:00 along with anita and topper. let's leave tonight with more on backyard band's tribute performance to the late chuck brown outside our front door here at 9news. ♪ [ music ]
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. the latest on the surprise death of disco diva donna summer. ♪ last dance tonight >> the cancer battle that she kept a secret. where she spent her final days. and -- ♪ >> the songs that will live on forever. i know i'm a star. when i have done the johnny carson show. >> plus, her memorable performance on our stage. ♪ >> and her very last "e.t." interview. >> it doesn't get better. you have to be singing in heaven. then, all-new paula deen. >> how much weight have you lost? >> 30 pounds. >> what she's only telling nancy about her type 2 diabetes. >> because of the public backlash, did you feel the pressure to lose weight? >> inside her savannah home.